Tom Zuba Teaches A New Way

Discover a new way to do grief, become radiant

and live your optimal life.

Say yes.

We Each Determine the Speed With Which We Heal.

You did not come here to suffer. You came to be Radiant.

Radiant. Let's lean into abundance, possibility and remembering that you are loved this much.

Words Have Power. Say Yes. Choose to live.

Choose to live your life...Your new life.


Peace or Pain. We Always Have a Choice.

There are many, many, many others who have walked these same steps before you. There are many others who have risen from the ashes. You can too. You can too.

In order to heal we must choose ~ peace or pain. Peace or Pain.

Embrace and love what is in front of you. Do not stay in despair. Carry the note you wish to create in the world.