Tom Zuba Teaches A New Way

A new way to do grief which creates a new way to do life.
You were born to be radiant.
Are you ready to consciously co-create your Optimal Life?
With us?

Say yes.  Say yes.  Say yes.


Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief


Becoming Radiant: A New Way to Do Life

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We Each Determine the Speed At Which We Heal.

Words Have Power. Choose life. Your life.

Choose life. SAY YES. Choose love. SAY YES. Choose you.

You did not come to the planet to suffer. That's not why you came. You came to be Radiant. Radiant.

Lean into peace, abundance and possibility. Consciously move from lack to abundance. From pain to peace. Choose gratitude. Remembering that you are loved. You are loved that much.

Tom's message through video

Peace or Pain? Love or Fear? I Always Have a Choice. Always. I Choose Consciously.

There are many, many, many others who have walked these same steps before me. There are many others who have risen from the ashes. I can too. I can too.

In order to heal I must choose.  Consciously. Peace or Pain?  Love or Fear?  I must consciously choose over and over and over again.

Healing begins when I surrender to what is.  When I stop waging war with life.  My life.  Healing begins when I set the intention to heal.  When I create a vision of what healing - my healing - looks and sounds and feels and tastes and smells like.  Healing begins when I take one concrete healing step.  And then another.  And then another.  "I wish I believed that I could heal."  "I am leaning into my healing."  "I am healing."  "I am so grateful that I am healing."