Here's what others are saying...

"Your book changed my life." ~ Marilyn

"I searched for and read many books but the only one that counted was Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief." ~ Alan

"Your book was one of the first I read after experiencing the death of my Son. It continues to be a guidebook to this day and the only book I'll give away to someone who is new to grief." ~ Diane

"I really find that Tom Zuba speaks to me... he writes as if he is having a conversation. and he says it like it is, pulls no punches. this book has helped me incredibly... and I reread sections often to get my feet back on the ground." ~ Margaret

"I just finished reading your book. Thank you, it really helped after the loss of my son Tommy." ~ Annette

"my grief pales by comparison with Tom's ... (his baby daughter, wife, and then teenage son all died within years of each other), but Tom's teaching helped me navigate my own horrors -- my mother's suicide, the Thanksgiving Day car crash death of our very closest friends Dani & Han (15 and 17 years), my husband's abandonment, my lawyer's betrayal and suicide, my father's sudden death, my family's rejection)....his words -- and his incredible book -- speak volumes to anyone navigating grief of any kind. My healing is due in the largest part to his words, his friendship, and his fantastic book, Permission to Mourn." ~ Bambi

"I bought five of your books, Tom. I have read and re-read it many times and I also give out copies to those who I think really need to read your words." ~ Stephanie


"If only I could get this book into the hands of every grief-stricken person I hear of! If you know someone grieving and feel helpless, you can't go wrong to gift them this book! If you are grieving yourself, it's the best gift you can give to YOU!" ~ Rachel

"I highly recommend this book! It speaks in a way no other has spoken!" ~ Darla

"I read the whole book today! Some things that resonate with me: The "dance between both worlds". The forces that want to pull us back to be the way we were before - though we can't go back there. "Grief is wild." The five things to do - including 15 minutes of silence every day. (Silence is the hardest thing for me now - but others have suggested that too, so I will try it.) "You are actually a spirit that has come to earth to have a human experience. And when you are finished you will return home." "What if you decided to believe that everyone dies right on time?" (My husband had an unusually strong belief that everything happens for a reason.) "The relationship continues. It's your job to say good-bye to their physical form ... to say hello to their spirit form ... to ask for signs." .... And that online workshop sounds really great - I will watch for future offerings!" ~ Alysoun

"I've read it at least 5 times now. And I read something from it every night. It speaks to my soul like no other book I've found so far." ~ Marilyn

"Please take the time to read this man's book - you will not regret it! He's teaching a way to "do" grief that is priceless and more helpful than anything I've ever read in the four years since I lost my son. He has inspired me to try a new way to do grief and it's been freeing and I've felt myself heal with each passage I read. Thank you Tom Zuba!" ~ Jason Meiring Memorial Page

"absolutely beautiful both in the way it is written and in its message" ~ Pat

"I recommend Permission to Mourn by Tom Zuba. This has been my saving grace. A year of grief therapy ( that didn't work). Healing began when I read this and understood. Then I reread..." ~ Carrie

"Just read your book that I got from Compassionate Friends in Sarasota. I must say it is the best I have ever read on the subject and I have read many. I lost my 3 brothers very early in their lives and this year my father and son who was 29. My daughter and friend read your book also and said it was exactly like what they experienced, ditto. Thank you so much for the incredible truth and healing you are bringing to the world." ~ Michele

"It seems you can see right into my heart and feel my feelings.  Thank you Tom for touching so many broken hearts.  Keep up the good work. ~ MaryAnn

"A close family friend gave me this book at Mom's remembrance service and, I have to tell you, it has helped me tremendously !! The wisdom shared . . . through his own experiences, is electric. Powerful . . . it can, literally, save someone's life . . ." ~ Robin

"Such a powerful and yet sensitive poet Tom Zuba is. So very perceptive and each poem speaks to a part of my in many ways other than grief and mourning.  I truly love it." ~ Sheila's sister

"My favorite book. It is underlined, and I read it over and over. I have even ordered it for friends when they began their grief journey. It is just an easy,comforting read." ~ Fran

"I read from this book everyday..hold on. Hold on. Hold on!" ~ Kathleen

"The most beautiful, relevant book I have ever read. Reading it changed my life." ~ Marilyn

"I bought several of Tom's books after losing Mom.... I have passed one all around the family, and I've read mine half dozen times I think.... gain something new every time I pick it up.... Thank you Tom!" ~ Susan

"I get something different out of it every time I read it . So Thank you Tom." ~ Cindy

"My daughter-in-law's BFF passed over Thursday evening. Kate, a lovely woman and a wonderful soul, learned she had colon cancer just six months after she and her husband divorced. In her mid-40s, she left behind three children, ages 16, 14, and 13.

I immediately ordered your book for my daughter-in-law and she received it yesterday. I'm certain it will be a comfort for her in this time of sorrow and then into the future, as she heals from this sadness. Thank You, Tom, for writing this wonderful book." ~ Kathleen

"I can't say enough about your book, Tom Zuba! I saw you years ago on Oprah. I knew then, you were a unique person. I remember crying, not believing anyone could survive such pain. Now I know how you were able, through incredible effort, to come to the other side of Grief! Now, because of you, we can all get there! I love the simplicity of the way you tell us exactly how we can heal, if we are willing to do what you have put out there for us , ONLY if we are all willing to do the steps to help us LIVE and not just EXIST! I'm not there, but I am determined to get there and help Kelley, my daughter to achieve Peace of mind." ~ Nancy

"I hope one day that I will see you at a book signing. Your book is the only book that has resonated since my son passed away two and a half years ago." ~ Kathy

"My mom gave me Tom's book 3 months after Perry died and it was perfect timing. I think because Tom has been through death more than me, it was more than okay to read even though I was skeptical. It planted a seed, for sure, and I couldn't get Tom's words out of my head (even if at 3 months out they did feel a little outlandish.) Personally, I'm glad I read it when I did. I didn't want to feel better yet, but I wanted to want to, and Tom's book planted a seed of hope that it would be possible. Too soon and I may have even been offended at the thought that Perry died at his perfect time, but a few months later, shocking as the idea still was, it was a concept I began to ponder and I'm glad that I did." ~ Rachel

"For anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one this book is so wonderful. I wish I'd had it when my best friend Susan died. And Tom, and Jimmie Julian. This offers a much kinder softer guide in the wilderness of grief." ~ Christyn

"I would like to thank you so much for your book Permission to Mourn and for the way you wrote it. My husband died a year and a half ago and I purchased your book shortly after. I think I read it but cannot really remember as I think I was still in the very numb stage and didn't really take it in. Now today I took your book out to lend to a friend who lost her husband 7 months ago and thought perhaps this would be good for her. I decided to sit down with it to glance through and it was all completely new to me! I sat and read the whole thing...with tears flowing down my cheeks. Not because it made me sad....but because it was spot on...everything you spoke was as though I had written it....I just kept saying "Yes exactly" as though the words were pulled from soul and put onto paper. So I really do thank you so much for helping me." ~ Maryann

"Tom has changed my grief journey for the very best." ~ Chris

"Just read your book PERMISSION TO MOURN and it has already had a profoundly healing effect on me. In gratitude for sharing your wise and healing perception!" ~ Graciela 

"I highly recommend Tom Zuba's book Permission To Mourn. It's a book I wish I had had early on but it's never too late to read." ~ Joy

"Tom, Your book is the perfect offering to give someone who has lost someone instead of flowers or $ ... I have done this twice and the people have said it was better then anything. Thank you for your help." ~ Jacki 

"I do love this book. It's my go-to read whenever I feel I could use some support!" ~ Deb

"I loved your book. Easy to read and the way it is written provides the pauses needed to let the words sink in. Reading it with the pauses gives the book a strong voice through meditation." ~ Susie

"I was given the book 6 weeks after Jack died and for my situation it was the perfect time. It validated so many feelings I had in the prior weeks and gave me hope that I don't have to feel this grief is the end of my life also. I gave the book to another family who lost their 6 yr old girl near me.  I sent it a couple weeks after and just put a note with it saying I was given this book and it gave me peace hope and comfort. I hope you, in time can read this also and find the same. By God, they read the book the night they received it! The mother read it out loud to her husband. The entire thing! They were moved. I hope that every person I share Tom's book with will read it at their perfect time." ~ Renee

"It is a life-changing read, and SO comforting." ~ Marilyn

"This book continues to guide me, and I've given it to friends who have suffered the death of someone they love." ~ Jane

"Having received this book within a week of Loren's death and reading it shortly after receiving it I KNOW with my whole heart that it has been what has enabled me to look at not just Loren's death but his LIFE in such a different way." ~ Libby

"If u have lost a child or sibling I recommend reading this book! very insightful and understanding words. Tom, your book lifts me up when I am in those dark places." ~ Cher

"I have given your book to 2 friends and they have gained insight and been comforted. Your words have helped me as well with the loss of my daughter Anna.  Thank you." ~ Jackie

"I found Tom's book at a local boutique and have read and reread it over and over. It helps put into words that make sense of our feelings on this journey. I will be forever grateful to Tom for his wisdom, and to the owner at Gratitude for recommending the book." ~ Graciela

"Just finished reading your book (couldn't put it down). It's a beautiful work of art." ~ Sue

"I was given your book not long ago by a gal I want to HS with. Since the passing of my of my middle daughter I've been given numerous books..... and ever growing pile on my night stand........ but I wanted to share how much YOUR book has touched me. Thank you for writing it. It has reached me more than any of the other ones. I am thankful to you." ~ Kim

"When I read you, every time...every one...I feel like a healing balm is spread across my heart...every single time. Thank you." ~ Marti

"Thank you for writing this book. It has been such a blessing to me." ~ Christina

"I just love your words... It makes so much sense but i would never have thought of any of it!! Thank you." ~ Sally

"permission to mourn a new way to do grief" is absolutely wonderful for helping to heal a wounded tired soul....." ~ Donna

"I have read it twice on my kindle, I need to buy a paper copy so I can highlight. I love it. Has helped immensely each time. Going to read again soon...need some healing." ~ LaJena

"When my Maddie died, I knew instinctively in order to heal, I had to block out just about everything else I was doing to reach some level of understanding.  How I was going to go about that, I had no idea.  I went to therapy and it helped tremendously, but what brought everything together was six months into my devastation, I found your book and it was another tool to help me reassemble my life.  It did not happen overnight, but it was a beginning.  At least once per month, I refer to your book when I am starting to drift to the dark side and it shifts my thinking.  Thank you again!"  ~ Bridgette

"I so so highly recommend Tom Zuba's book.   It is clear, easy to read, it is like a conversation that so validates the feelings of grief.  And better yet, it helped me begin to understand how to heal." ~ Margaret

"My daughter who has aspergers read your book last night ( we lost my mother her grandmother christmas day, she was 59) she cried. She said: "finally someone understands, what a wonderful and comforting book!" I agree!!!" ~ Carrie

"My mom passed when she was 59, 31 years ago. It took many many years to come to terms with her death.  This Feb will be a year that my dearest friend and brother in law passed, when a friend recommended Tom's page and book.

"I have bought this book for two of my nieces to help them with their grief journey.
Changed my grief journey and my life. Thank you, Tom!!" ~ Chris

"Have recommended this book to so many people. Thank you for gifting us with such a treasure!" ~ Jenn

"I just picked up another 2 copies yesterday. I bought one for myself to keep (I passed mine on awhile back) and got another for a friend's dad whose wife passed away last May after battling cancer. I will always recommend your book, Tom Zuba" ~ Laura

"I'm rarely ever at a loss for words, and most certainly when there is something that has impacted my life in such a way as your book "Permission to Mourn" has impacted my life Tom. My life was blessed the day I received it, I just didn't know it at the time. It took several weeks to be able to open it and grasp the fullness of what it has to offer. Thank YOU for sharing of yourself so openly so that others can know that our lives did not end the moment our beloved left their physical bodies to go HOME. We have not finished what it is we were put here to do, "How do we know this? Look around WE are still here." As my sister commented in my original post, "pay it forward". It is my honor and my privilege to do just that and I already have my first few recipients in my mind and in my heart and I look forward to talking with them about what has touched them, what has transformed them, what has made them realize there is a new way to do grief after they have had the opportunity to read your book. God Bless!" ~ Libby

"My dear friend and mentor Tom Zuba's new book is a masterpiece. If you have experienced deep grief and loss, let Tom's revolutionary work be the balm for your spirit. Such great work, Tom." ~ Bambi

"I finished Tom's book today; saved the last couple of chapters to read in honor of the fifth year of Mark's passing heart emoticon Took me over a year to process my feelings and dive in past the first chapter, but it was just what I needed at just the right time. Mark is honored in the book, as part of our support of Tom's lifework. Highly recommended." ~ Penne

"I remember my Mom came to my house and I was such a mess missing my son so much I thought I was going crazy. My Aunt purchased your book for me. The words jumped off the page in my face the pain and grief! At that very moment after reading your book. I called my Mom and said I am not going crazy. I found some one who understands. I am going to be ok. Thank you sir for sharing every difficult, heart breaking moment in your life. You saved mine." ~ Sherry

"I was given your book not long ago by a gal I want to HS with. Since the passing of my middle daughter I've been given numerous books..... an ever growing pile on my night stand........ but I wanted to share how much YOUR book has touched me. Thank you for writing it. It has reached me more than any of the other ones." ~ Kim

"I bought your book Mr. Zuba..I find it to be very healing..Have read it twice and will continue to keep reading it and reading it.. Thank you ever so much for your "New Way Of Doing Grief" You are an inspiration to many...My son passed on Christmas Ever of 2014." ~ Carol

"Your book has been the only book of any kind that I have been able to read since my beloved daughter, Leah’s death.  You definitely spoke to me, I heard you, and you know exactly how it feels.  Thank you so very much for writing this book.  I have purchased many more of your books to share with the participants in other groups that I joined.  I read all of what you write, gain much from your writings, and hope to continue to follow you, and what you are doing next." ~ Vicki

"Your book and the "Living with the Holidays 2014" were my salvation. The combination helped me limp through my "first" Holidays without my love Rick. Thank You Tom." ~ Cathie

"I tell people the same thing--that you saved my life. For the first time, I too knew I was not going crazy. Someone understood--and that someone was you. Thank you, thank you Tom." ~ Jackie

"I received your book from amazon yesterday, and I read it all~ I appreciated your words very much! I found that I have been trying to do a fair amount of what you suggest, and I valued your assurance that it's okay to constantly question and to try to perceive things differently. Because my daughter died by suicide, I have been struggling to look at that tragic ending in a less negative way, while addressing things honestly, to the extent possible. Thank you for your book, I plan to pass it along to others as well!" ~ Joleen

"I lost my husband to suicide and one of my best friends/mentors had this book sent to me.  It will help you A LOT!!! Definitely the best book I have read!  I highly recommend it. It will help you thru some dark day!!!" ~ Kim

"Read this book yesterday...and today...and will tomorrow...and...and...and!  Thank you, Tom." ~ Kristi

"Great book!" ~ Kaye

"Love this book. New, different fresh perspective on grief..very helpful.. Need to order several copies on Amazon for friends! Thank you Tom!" ~ Eileen

"I just finished your book. It was an eye opener and touched on every feeling and thought I have been having." ~ Shalom

"I finally bought this for myself! I am getting through it, slowly. Amazing content...just finding that I need to digest it at my own pace. Thank you for this book!" ~ Sue

"A friend gave me this book soon after my 22 yr son passed away. I tried in the first couple of months to read it and I couldn't see the words through the tears because they hit so close to my heart. A year and a half later (just last month) I finally could bring myself to read it. Making sure I was in a more public place so tears wouldn't interfere as much, I absorbed every word, every feeling, every drop of pain along with every piece of hope! And now knowing what a miracle really is~I feel like you and your perceptive words have helped me move forward with true hope and understanding. God has blessed you, Tom! And thank you from the bottom of my on the mend heart!!" ~ Noemi

"I'm hoping your words will help others. I have given two of your books to friends who have recently had family die. I now have a third book that a friend gave me to replace mine. Your words help many people who are in pain." ~ Kay

"This book is my grief bible." ~ Lillian

"Everyone who has lost anyone should read his book on A New Way To Do Grief. It's much more than a book. It's a teaching tool and makes you feel comforted, like your being hugged, when you read it. You are so loved, Mr. Tom Zuba." ~ Judy


"Unlike any book written on mourning: you will feel the love of your loved one who has passed. If you didn't believe in "love notes " being sent to you from your deceased loved one- SURPRISE, you will!" ~ Teresa

"I picked up your book and finished reading it tonight.  I'm not a reader.  What a wonderful amazing book! I choose yes!:)))) Thanks:)" ~ Debbie

"I finally took my first step to healing! It's been 8 years and never knew what, where, how to or even why, to start new. I have been for 8 years every time someone asked me "how I was doing" I will say fine good or great knowing I was covering up how much I was still hurt or sad and angry. Until now I found all my answers to questions I have been asking for in this short book! I feel that there is nothing that will hold me back anymore!  Your words have taken me to a place I've never thought I could be again." ~ Elisha

"I'm going to order four or five of these. I always want to have one on hand to give to someone in need." ~ Lynn

"I lost my beautiful & amazing mother this past October (on my birthday) & it still seems unreal. I received a copy of your book yesterday & only read 'We Dance Between Both Worlds' and I wept more than I thought I still could. You said it perfectly - we've been cracked open. I'm so glad that all those repeated questions aren't just in my head." ~ Jazz

"I love your book it's been almost 2 years since my ex was murdered and all the things you wrote in your book I have done...asked myself all the same questions over and over and I think after reading the book I have a little insight on new strategies to not remain stuck to grieve and cry as much as I need my favorite part is saying goodbye to their physical form and hello to their spiritual form. I'm so sorry for all your loss I'm not sure how you endured it when I barely can cope with one. ..thank you for sharing and caring." ~ Shoshannon

"A coworker told my about Tom speaking at our local community college it had only been about a year since my husband was killed. I listen with tears rolling down my cheeks hiding behind my lens colored glasses to Tom speak. I purchased his book and had him sign it for me and made a promise (to myself) to read his book (I wasn't and still not a avid book reader). Since then I have read his book multiple times and have found that each time I read his book it takes me to another place in my grieving process. It is my intention, hope and prayers that you and everyone of us are able to find our place, our peace, our new us. I say new us because after being cracked WIDE OPEN we are really never the same again. We begin a new journey of dancing between two worlds. So hang on, hang on, hand on. Sending you a really big HUG filled with love." ~ Dawn

"I recently read this book and I absolutely loved it and the wise outlook on mourning. A beautiful gift if you know someone who can utilize.  Easy and quick read, yet powerful. Thank you Tom Zuba for sharing your strength and writing this book." ~ Debby

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