Definitions Introduced at the AATH Conference

Thanks for attending my April  20th workshop at the AATH Conference.  As promised, these are the definitions I introduced: 

In a Safe, Sacred Space ~

  1. I get to feel exactly what I feel.

  2. Every single corner of my being is loved and lovable.

  3. I am seen.  I am heard.  I am honored.  By me.  By a few carefully chosen people.

Grief ~ The automatic, internal response to loss.  Everyone grieves.  Our grief expresses itself in 100s of often surprising and confusing ways.

Mourning ~ The external expression of grief; “going public” with our grief.  Pushing grief “up and out.”  Mourning is a path to healing.

  • Socially unacceptable after a few days

  • Friends/family have a strong desire to get you to STOP feeling the feelings
  • Belief that feeling the feelings IS the problem.  Feeling the feelings is the solution.