Belief Creates Experience


What you choose to BELIEVE 

to be true about your grief 

will be your experience. 

You will create that experience for yourself.

If you believe you will never "recover" 

or "heal"
or "be happy again"

you will not. 


Do you understand that?

If you believe you are experiencing "complicated grief"

which needs a special secret code

or 16 or 24 or 133 step program

or a super-duper pill 

to cope with, 

or survive,

or do whatever you'd like to do,

as opposed to mourning in a safe, sacred space

then that will be your experience. 


and only you

will determine the speed at which you heal

or if you heal at all.

The words you use
to describe your grief journey
tell the story
of whether or not you will heal.

What story are you telling?

and the world?

Choose your words consciously
and carefully.

Create the experience you want to live.

Now you know.

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  • Hi Tom, I’ve read your book and loved it! So many things hit close to home for me. I was wondering why you put “complicated grief” in quotes? Do you believe there is such a thing?

    Jackie Cruz

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