How Do I Heal?


I launched my website,, on February 22, 2006

the first anniversary of my 13-year-old son Rory’s

“ascension into heaven”

as I sometimes imagine the explosiveness of his soul, 

his spirit, 

his energy, 

his essence

leaving his physical body.



for over 7 years now

I have been almost daily

working to help other people heal.

So you will not have to endure

the indescribable


for the pain




(I could go on, but you’ve either experienced it, are experiencing it now and know exactly what I’m taking about ~ or you haven’t got a clue)

that the grief journey has been for me.

Not once,

not twice,

but three different times.


The other day,

in response to my post reminding folks that time alone does not heal all wounds

but that setting the intention to heal

and then following that intention with focused action


and will

help you heal your broken heart

I received this response: 


How do you heal after losing your child??? 

Time definitely isn't the answer!!!!


Great, honest question.


And a question I have been addressing very publicly since 2006.


“How do you heal...”

Regardless of who that you love died.


I have posted hours and hours and hours of free video of my many public presentations on my YouTube channel.


I have shared many, many of my quotes that many find helpful on my Pinterest boards.


I have been posting here

on Facebook

almost daily

for how many years now?

And happily engage many of you in conversations and discussion always probing deeper.

So that we can heal.

All of us.



I have a blog on my website.

Where I archive many of my most potent Facebook posts and post new material and insights.


And I have just launched a newsletter

which you can subscribe to at


All of those resources and tools are yours for free.



And it will be up to each of you to set the intention to heal.

And follow that intention up with focused action.

That is the one step I can take

for you.

I can not deliver healing to you on a silver platter.

You must lean in.

You must take a step in the direction of healing.

You must engage.



and only you

will determine the speed at which you heal

by your intention

and focused action.


Use the resources I’ve created for you.

Use them.

That’s what they are here for.


And, in addition, I’m launching an online, interactive program in early November

called “Your Next Step.”

It’s patterned after an incredibly powerful and transformational program I’m offering live and in-person in my home right now.

I’ve designed it in a way that anyone in the world can participate.

It’s truly going to be an international group 

as one of the participants lives in Germany!!!


As I said

I can’t deliver you healing on a silver platter.

But I can help you discover

Your Next Step:


Take a look.


If money is tight

and the registration fee is a problem for you

right now

I have two tuition scholarships available.

Email me at to apply.


Now it’s your turn to take a step towards me.

But only if you want to heal.






  • I have read your book and I’m so thankful for your advice and inspiration. My son has only been gone 3 weeks now and your words have already put me on the road to healing.

  • Cool video Shelley. Short, and to the point. I will try to do that next time someone hurts me. Although I may get arestred in Japan as the nearest outside place is the local park.Adam Payne recently posted..


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