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If You Are New to Grief

Posted by Tom Zuba on September 02, 2013 2 Comments

If you are new.

Brand new
to this thing called grief.

If someone you love
so dearly

I would transport you to a beautiful room
with the most comfortable bed
you could ever imagine.

The lights would be low.

The music soft.

And you would control both by a simple thought.

“Dim the lights even more.”
“Raise the volume just a bit.” 

You would feel so safe in this room
that you would sleep
and sleep
and sleep. 

For as long as you wanted.
For as long as you needed. 

As you begin to adjust
to this new life.

Your new life. 

And when you were hungry.
There would be food.


Prepared especially for you.
With love.
With great love. 

And you could eat from your bed,
food served on a tray
if that is what you wanted. 

Or you could move to the chair.
That overstuffed, comfortable chair
placed opposite your bed. 

And you would decide if you wanted company in your room
or if you wanted to be alone
for now
and no one’s feelings would be hurt.

The world would know
that someone you love
has died.

And you had one job.

Just one.

To take the best care possible
of you.  

I would transport you to a beautiful room
with the most comfortable bed
you could ever imagine. 

And you would stay there as long as you wanted.
As long as you needed. 

You would stay there until you felt ready
to take the next step.

Comments (2 Comments)

I need this room so badly. Why cant this be real, it would help out so many of us grieving mothers and fathers.

Posted by Judy on September 24, 2013

This is just beautiful i so want to go to this room, thank u for sharing xxx

Posted by Trish holland on September 24, 2013

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