Reincarnation and organ donors

I recently received this question:

"I have a question for you, I need help in trying to explain something to a broken hearted mother, her son died about a year ago the gun he was cleaning accidentally went off and killed him. She donated his eyes and some other organs now she is deep in grief thinking bad thoughts such as....... she asked me what happens if he is reincarnated, will he be blind? I told her that I feel when they die their spirit escapes the body so anything done to him after that I would think his soul would not be like that now...... that was merely pulled out of no where I had no clue how to answer that your help in that question would be greatly appreciated."

What a great question.

I actually love the answer the person who asked me the question offered her friend.  Perhaps she didn’t really “pull it our of no where.”  Perhaps she were divinely inspired to answer in a way that would comfort her friend.

I am not 100% certain that I believe in reincarnation, but I am certainly open to the possibility.

For those, like me, who are open to the possibility of reincarnation, I think the question becomes ... what exactly reincarnates?

I do believe that the essence of who we are is eternal.  Some call that our soul ~ our spirit ~ our essence ~ even our energy.  There are many names for essentially the same thing.

I do not believe we are actually our bodies.  We are so much more.  Our essence inhabits our bodies while we are here on earth.  Gary Zukav calls our bodies our “earth suits.”  He suggests that we “wear” these earth suits while we are here in the earth school.  When we die, we no longer need our earth suits, so we free ourselves of them.  We leave them here.  They return to dust.

Due to modern science, parts of our earth suits ~ like this mother’s son’s eyes ~ can be used by other earth suits whose souls, spirits, essence, energy ~ are not yet ready to depart this earth.  How remarkable is that?

But by the time those eyes, or any other organs are removed and later transplanted ... the essence of who we are has already left the body ~ our earth suit.

So, if our essence, our soul, our spirit, our energy does indeed reincarnate ~ we select a new earth suit that will allow us to experience all the things we come to the earth school (again) to experience.

It’s possible that we might choose an earth suit with eyes that don’t see, or ears that don’t hear, or any other condition that we humans call “disabilities” ... but I don’t believe it would be a direct result of the fact that someone said YES to the question of being an organ donor in a prior life.  We would select that new earth suit ... the one with the disability ... because it best serves our intention for reincarnating again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this fascinating topic and hope you will share in the comment section below.

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  • I believe that when we die, the spirit/essence leaves the earthly vessel behind. If there is ever a reincarnation, they will take on a new body of their choosing.

    When my daughter died, we donated her corneas which are the only body part allowed for transplant if the person has had cancer. She had the most BEAUTIFUL soulful eyes, and it was her final gift to someone in need. I believe it was a perfect end statement about the life she lived. She was a nurse, a caregiver to others, and was the exclamation to her calling in this world. That will stand as a legacy to her young children.

  • My husband and loved ones who are in spirit show themselves to us in many forms..they can show themselves when they were younger or in my husband’s case as his favourite musicians..such as Bryan Ferry when he wanted to say thank-you for the music I chose for his funeral or Robert Palmer when he was with our lost daughter in spirit and wanted to indicate she was mine [I am from Halifax as is Robert Palmer]. So I dont think they rely on their earthly body at all to exist and spiritualists tell us that we choose our earthly body and identity for the spiritual journey we need to make. Our being is our spirit. x

  • Thanks Terri. I really do believe we should Question Everything … and this blog is a reflection of what I believe right now. Today. I try to remain flexible and be open to the possibility that with new experiences, wisdom and information … I may change my mind. And I’m okay with that.

  • I think your answer was great and very true. If some of Daniel’s organs could have saved someone – I would have felt that a part of him was still here – and he would have been happy about that also !


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