When Death is So Very Public

Once again our community has been rocked by death in a very public way. This time it is the sudden deaths of Pilot Andy Olesen and flight nurses Jim Dillow and Karen Hollis in what hospital officials said was the first crash in the 25-year history of the REACT helicopter. Over the next few days there will undoubtedly be articles in the daily newspaper and on the nightly news detailing the crash, reporting on the investigation conducted to determine the cause of the accident, and stories and photographs of three different visitations, memorial services and/or funerals held in these days leading up to Christmas. 

Once again, families have been broken. A parent has died. A spouse went to work and did not come home alive. Grandchildren will never see their grandparent again. A mother or father will mourn the death of their adult child as siblings mourn the death of one of their own. Throughout the area, countless numbers of friends, colleagues, coworkers, acquaintances and even strangers will be affected by the deaths of Andy, Jim and Karen. 

Time will stand still ~ briefly for some, for what may seem like eternity for others. 

And many will be surprised when feelings and emotions rooted in their own personal experiences with death arise over the next few days. Death is like that. New death reawakens grief born of old deaths that has been denied or repressed or pretended away. New grief invites us to pay attention to old grief that is still stored in our bones. 

And this holiday season, it’s possible that more people will be more aware and more sensitive to those in their own circle who are learning to live with the death of someone they love. It’s possible that because Andy and Jim and Karen lived ~ and died ~ that more hearts and minds will open to how we can better care for each other ... especially during this holiday season. 

I know that everyone wants to do something. Everyone wants to help. Many are just not quite sure what to do. So, I’ve created two lists, each includes 10 Things you can do. 

Click to learn how to help each other. 

Click to learn how to help yourself. 

To join my Healing Circle on Facebook click: www.facebook.com/tomzuba1 

Hope and peace and love, 

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