Why Not Believe the Psychics and Mediums?


“Surrender is the key that unlocks the door to grace.”
~Cheryl Richardson, The Unmistakable Touch of Grace

I have seen a good number of mediums and psychics on television over the years and have read a handful of their books. They all say the same things…

Our loved ones are safe.

They are at peace.

They are no longer suffering if, indeed, they did suffer here on earth.

They love us.

They forgive us and/or ask for our forgiveness if that is, indeed, necessary.

They are aware of us and can communicate with us.

They want us to be happy.

We will see each other and be with each other again.

Who would you be if you surrendered to THE TRUTH of this message? Can you take a moment and answer that question? Who would you be?

Who would you be if you knew without a doubt that your loved one who has died is perfectly safe?

Who would you be if you believed with your whole heart that he is at peace?

Who would you be if you knew that she is no longer suffering or in pain?

Who would you be if you knew that his love for you is stronger today – and more powerful – than it has ever been?

Who would you be if you felt forgiveness?

Who would you be if you truly believed that she was communicating with you. Those are not coincidences… that truly is a sign from her?

Would you be able to take steps towards a new happiness in your life if you believed that is what he wants for you?

Who would you be if you knew that you would be together again – in the blink of an eye?

Are your current beliefs about the death of your beloved bringing you peace – or are they causing pain?

You can choose peace.

You can surrender to what is true.

If my NEW WAY of "doing grief" resonates with you, I'd love to work with you one-on-one.  If you are in the Rockford, Illinois area we can do that in person, otherwise, I am having great success working with people all over the country via Skype.  Email me at tomzuba@aol.com if you would like to take the next step on your grief journey and we can schedule a session.


  • So glad you are open to receiving messages from your son Barbara. The relationship continues…

    Tom Zuba
  • I believe all of this is 100% correct. I could have easily missed the message from my son but thank God (who else would be behind this?) I did get his message. He said “Mom it’s beautiful”, that told me all I needed to know.

  • Thanks so much Denise, Jan, Mary and Patty for your comments. I’m so glad you found this piece to be helpful.

    Tom Zuba
  • Love this, wish I could believe beyond a shadow of a doubt. How do I?

  • All my tears have been for me and my losses. I love this too.


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