The Truth About Grief presented this Thursday, April 19th

It’s been almost two months since Thalia and Brenda, two cheerleaders from Belvidere North High School, were killed in a car accident on their way to a Friday night basketball game.

Perhaps you remember the story?  Many, many in our community were rocked to their core.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds showed up to offer support and love to family members the day of the Visitation.  The crowd expected to attend the girl’s funeral was so large ~ the families decided to move it to the school’s gymnasium.

For some ... those events seem like they happened a long time ago ... a distant memory.  For others, it feels like it all happened yesterday.

For some ... life has “gone on.”  For others ... time has stopped.  Period.

Grief is like that.

And for many, these explosive deaths tapped into old, personal, unresolved, unmourned grief.  New grief unearths old grief.  Always.

And in those two months, other people have died.  A parent.  A spouse, a child, a sibling, a dear friend, a co-worker, a neighbor.  Perhaps your life has been forever changed by the death of a loved one.  Death is a part of life, the part we rarely talk about.  

We’re going to talk about it this Thursday, April 19th at 6:30pm at Belvidere North High School.  You’re invited to attend my presentation “The Truth About Grief”.  If you were directly touched by the deaths of Thalia and Brenda ~ come.  If you’re a student, a teacher, an administrator, a parent ~ come.  If you’re a human being struggling with loss of any kind ~ come.  Bring a friend.  

Life is always easier when we hold hands and walk together!  Please call 815.544.4943 to let us know you are coming.

On April 19th, I’m going to share some thoughts about how we can create a safe space for ourselves, and for others, so that healing can occur.  I’m going to share a new way to look at grief and show how mourning is actually a path to healing.  And then I’m going to engage those in the room in a conversation.  We’re going to talk.  Together, we will be the ones who begin discussing the huge impact the death of someone we love has on our lives.  Together, we will begin to plant seeds of hope and rebirth.

Join us.  Join us at too.  You are welcome there!


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  • “Together, we will be the ones who begin discussing the huge impact the death of someone we love has on our lives. Together, we will begin to plant seeds of hope and rebirth.”

    This is the absolute truth. If you have not had an opportunity to be in the presence of Tom Zuba, GO on April 19th!! And join our healing circle on facebook! You will be so happy you did!

    Jane Edgell

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