Suggestion #10 ~ Be Gentle

It really is true that the way we treat others
is simply a reflection of the way we treat ourself.

Take a few minutes and review the interactions you’ve had with people over the past few days.

Your spouse or partner.
Your children.
Your parents.
Your co-workers.
The cashier at the grocery store.
The waitress at the restaurant.
Your neighbors.
Other people you’ve come in contact with.

Have you been kind, and patient, and tolerant, and accepting, and loving?
Or have you been rude, impatient, quick-tempered, judgmental, or indifferent?

Each of these interactions
gives you insight
into how you

Can you look directly in a mirror and commit to being gentle with yourself?

Suggestion #10 of 10. Commit to being gentle with yourself. Really gentle. Trusting life enough so that you are willing to create new dreams takes time. Lots of time. As the saying goes, we often take one step forward and two steps back. Healing is a process. It’s a journey. Be gentle.

As this New Year unfolds… set the intention to heal. 
Set the intention to consciously participate in your own transformation.

Commit to a plan. 
What steps can you take to lean into your new life?
I've offered you 10 concrete, doable suggestions.

Expect the Universe to back you up. 
To support you. 
To guide you. 
To rise up and show you the way.

A New Year.
A New Life. A New You.

Commit to loving yourself
more deeply
more completely.

I firmly believe that one of the reasons we were each born
is to fall in love with ourself
the way we loved
when we were a small child
and first discovered our own reflection
in a mirror.
To love ourself that much.
To love ourself
the way
and God
loves us.
It’s important work.

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