Suggestion #8 ~ Asking Life's Fundamental Questions

The death of someone you love cracks you open.
Big time.
It’s supposed to.

The death of someone you love
rocks your foundation.
Very often
everything you knew to be true
seems false.

You do not know who you are anymore.
You don’t know much about this world anymore.
You don’t know what
if anything
you believe.

Suggestion #8 of my 10 suggestions is for those of you wanting to make peace with life.
Your life. 

8. Commit to asking and answering life’s fundamental questions.

Questions such as: 

Is there a God? 
If there is, what is he/she/it/they? 
What role did this “God” play in the death of my beloved?
We prayed and prayed for a miracle. Why didn’t God save my loved one? 

What happens to people when they die? 
Do they still exist? 
Where are they?
Is there a heaven?
If there is, where is it?

Is the person I love who died still aware of me? 
Can he/she communicate with me? 
Can I communicate with him/her?

Commit to asking and answering life’s fundamental questions, 
over and over and over.

And then listen. 
Listen as the answers bubble into being. 
As you heal deeper and deeper, 
these answers may change. 
Open to change.

Question. Everything. Always.

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  • Dawn: thinking about you, your dughater and little angel Grandson. It is such a cruel and heartbreaking experience. Glad the poems have been helpful and I hope they inspire you to find words to express you love and sense of loss.


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