Suggestion #7 ~ Say Thank You

It's seemingly so simple.
Yet so complex.
I've written about this often
even devoting the first 21 days of 2014
to encouraging you to say
thank you.
If you do one thing
one thing
differently this year
add gratitude to your life
on a daily basis.

Gratitude plants the seeds of abundance.
And looking at the world you live in
through the eyes of abundance changes everything.
It makes what you have enough.
And you attract more of what you love.

For many of us, the death of someone we love
throws us into the pit of lack.
Understandably so.
But you don't need to stay there

Do you want a new life
in this new year?

Create a new year by saying YES to gratitude.

Suggestion #7 of 10 that I am offering to you.

7. Commit to writing in a gratitude journal every day. First thing in the morning or last thing at night. Buy a journal. Put it by your bed. Write 3-5 things you are grateful for every day. Every day. At first, you may simply be glad another day is over. You may be thankful for the soft pillow, the comfortable bed, the warm blankets. And then you may remember that the first cup of coffee actually tasted good and you’re grateful for that. And one day you notice the sun in the sky. Another day you smile…really smile.

What is one thing
one thing
you are grateful for today?

Write it down.

If you’d like to explore this further, or any other facet of your grief journey, I work with people one-on-one.  If you’re in the Rockford, IL area, we can do that in person.  If you’re out of the local area, we can Skype or Facetime.  If you'd like to work with me, please email me at and we can schedule a session and discuss cost.

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