Suggestion #2 ~ Let it out. Let it out. Let it out.

#2 of my 10 suggestions. Based on my 30+ year journey. Given to you. As gift. Hoping to light your tunnel this new year.

A New Year.
A New Life. 
A New You.

2. Commit to active mourning. I define mourning as “going public” with your grief (the internal, automatic learned response to the end of a dream). Make the effort to find a life coach, a therapist, a support group, a “grief buddy.” Healing occurs when you find a safe place where you can excavate, explore and express your grief in the presence of others. Being stoic, pretending, repressing, rejecting, ignoring all that wells up inside of you is not a path to healing.

Mourning, in the presence of others, is a path to healing. 

Let it out. Let it out. Let it out. 

Release all that weighs you down. Create a space for newness. 

Do you have a place where you can mourn safely?

If you’d like to explore this further, or any other facet of your grief journey, I work with people one-on-one.  If you’re in the Rockford, IL area, we can do that in person.  If you’re out of the local area, we can Facetime or Facebook Chat.  To learn more click: Working with Tom

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