Healing or Suffering?

In each moment

with each breath
and in every decision
we are either moving towards light
or darkness.
We are either expanding
or contracting.
or suffering.

We do this every day.
Every hour.
Moment by moment.
And it begins now.
Over and over and over again.

The person we love died.
He only died one time.
And if she suffered, 
she suffered once.
And it is up to us to decide
where exactly he is now?
Is she still suffering?
In that place where we will all go
when our work here
on earth
is complete. 

Is there pain, and suffering, and confusion, and despair, and loneliness there, too?
We decide what we each believe. 

Do your beliefs help you heal
or ignite your suffering?
He died once. 
She suffered once. 
Yet, many of us die
each day. 
Many of us suffer all day. 

There is a new way to do grief. 
There is a new way to do life.
Bless the darkness.
It gives you the opportunity to wake up and move into the light. 
You were not born to suffer. 

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  • You put the lime in the couocnt and drink the article up.


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