Over and over and over again

you will come to a fork in the road
when you can say YES to life
or you can say NO.
Say yes.
Through your tears, say yes.
From deep within, shout yes.
Say yes.
YES is the key that unlocks the mystery.
Yes pulls you forth
to live the life
that your soul has already created for you
and holds the vision of.
Yes connects you to the magnetic force of the universe.
No shuts it all down.
For now.
Say yes.
Say yes.
Say yes.
Or not.

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  • that there is nothing much they can do and she has to come out of the coma on her own. By the grace of god so far her conoitidn is stable and that gives hope. So please do remember her and her family in your prayers. She is right now at the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennesse.


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