Creating a Safe, Sacred Space

Sadly we no longer create this safe, sacred space for ourself
or for each other.
This space where healing occurs.

Therefore we no longer mourn.
We don't push the grief up and out.
We continue to repress, deny and pretend
so we can fit in.
And they love that we do this.
That we abandon ourself
and over
and over again.
So they won't feel their own feelings and emotions
and their own pain
when they are with us.
We pretend.
Even to ourself sometimes.
And it is exhausting.
And it is painful.
It is crazy that we do this to ourself.
But most didn't know that there was another way.
Now you do. 

This is why it may get complicated.

It's not the grief.

It's the lack of
and the willingness
to accompany another person on their journey
that complicates the journey.

and only you
will determine the speed at which you heal
or if you heal at all.

It does not matter if you believe this to be true.
It is.
And now you know.
You will decide what you will do.
Or not.

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  • This ponstig knocked my socks off


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