I Don't Know How You Feel, Not Really

You will never know how I feel.

Not really. 

In the same way that I will never know how you feel.

How could I?

I did not love him the way you did.

I did not care for her the way you did.

I did not create and carry and coddle

the dreams you held

for your life together.

The dreams that have been




and are now bleeding all over the floor

of the Universe.


I will never really know how you feel.

But if you decide to trust me

which must be hard-earned

and not given

to just anyone



But if you decide to trust me

I can accompany you on your journey.


And bit by bit

piece by piece

over time

lots of time

I can get a glimpse

of what it just might be like to be you

drowning in the pain

of the truth

that someone you love 

so dearly

has died.


I would never say I know how you feel.

I don’t.

How could I?

I am not you.

It was not me loving.

It was you.


In the same way that you will never how I feel.

Not really.

How could you?


But I can make a space for you.

Next to me.

When I am ready.


And you can make space for me.

Next to you.

When you are ready.


And we can accompany each other.

If even for a moment, or tow.


And that will help us heal, too.


Tom Zuba


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