Say YES to HEALING in a Safe, Sacred Space: a 5-week online, interactive program

Say YES to HEALING in a Safe, Sacred Space: a 5-week online, interactive program

If you have been living with grief for some time.

If you have come to a place where you believe that healing your broken heart might just be possible.

If you are ready to say YES to the next step on your healing journey.

Please join me and a group of kindred spirits as we spend five weeks together creating a safe, sacred space where healing can and will occur for those who dare to say YES.  To all of it.

This five week online, interactive program begins Monday, October 16th and ends Friday, November 17th.

The program content will be rooted in my book Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief.  If you haven't read it, I ask you to do so before the program starts.  We will refer to it throughout the program.  You can find it on amazon.

During our five weeks together:

We will take a close look at grief, mourning and denial.

We will define and learn how to create a safe, sacred space where all program participants can say YES to healing.

We will learn the power of intention.  The importance of creating and holding a vision. And the importance of defining and taking concrete steps in order to create change in our life; healing change.

We will ask and begin to answer what I call Life's Fundamental Questions, understanding that these questions and answers are the key to a life of peace or a life of pain.

We will remind ourselves over and over that Words Have Power.  We will take a closer look at the story we are telling about the death of our beloved, remembering that the language we use to tell that story will determine whether or not we will heal.

We will acknowledge that The Relationship Continues and that we are the ones that determine if that relationship creates peace or pain in our life.

We will spend time determining our Next Healing Step.

Why should you join this program?

Because you were not born to suffer.  And with the knowledge, wisdom, tools and friendships you will make, and the support you will receive during this 5-week program you can experience enormous shifts in your healing.  Over and over I have experienced the power of a group to facilitate what appears to be almost simultaneous healing of the group members.  If you are open, shifts will occur.

I will teach you how to create a safe, sacred space where you can begin to heal, or continue the healing that has already begun.  When we mourn - when we speak about our grief - we heal.  We release the old, and clear a space within where we can discover the next step.  This is how we heal.  Together.  

Who should participate?


YOU, if you are living with the death of someone you love and believe that healing your broken heart is possible.  (Not everyone believes that healing is possible.  This program is not for everyone, and that is okay.)
YOU, if you are ready to discover and then take your next step. 

 if you are willing to "do the work."  All of it.  Contrary to popular belief, time alone does not heal all wounds.  It’s what we do with our time that determines whether or not we will heal.  Healing requires work. 

Are you ready to heal?

Join us if your spouse, your partner, your child, sibling, parent or dear friend died. There is room for you in our safe, sacred space.

What does the Program include?

5 Live Interactive  ZOOM Teleconference Calls

Daily interaction with me and other program participants via our

closed, private, confidential Facebook Group page

Weekly lessons and assignments

Weekly video lessons


    Say YES to HEALING is a 5-week ONLINE, interactive program I created to help you discover and take your next step on your healing journey.

    We begin with an 8:00pm central ZOOM VideoConference Call on Monday, October 16th.  The call will be recorded for those unable to attend/participate live and for those who want to review and revisit the information shared in the call.

    We will have four more live ZOOM VideoConference Calls at 8:00pm central.  Calls will be:
    Monday, October 23, 2017
    Monday, October 30, 2017
    Monday, November 6, 2017 and
    Monday, November 13, 2017

    As much as I’d love to have all program participants join us live for these VideoConference Calls, I know that may not be possible due to scheduling conflicts and time zones.  These VideoConference Calls will be recorded so you can listen for the first time (or a second or third time) when it’s convenient for you and as often as you like throughout the week.

    Throughout the 5-week program you will have daily direct access to me via a private, closed, confidential Facebook Group page limited to the participants of this program.

    There will also be daily interaction with other program participants via our private, closed, confidential Facebook Group page.

    You will have weekly lessons and assignments designed to help you discover your next healing step.

    As needed, I will create Video messages to support or expand on weekly lessons and group discussions.

    Weekends will be for resting, reflecting, catching up, and Journalling.

    You can maintain an ongoing connection with this group if you choose to stay active on our private, closed, confidential Facebook Group page after November 17th.

    As the program concludes, you will have gained the knowledge, confidence, wisdom and courage to take your next step on your path to healing.  And then your next step.  And then your next...

    The all-inclusive REGISTRATION FEE
    for this 5-week program is $200.00.

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