Living WITH The Holidays 2020
Living WITH The Holidays 2020
Living WITH The Holidays 2020
Living WITH The Holidays 2020

Living WITH The Holidays 2020

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 I created this online, interactive 
Holiday Support Program
for you
if you are learning to live with the death of someone you love
and wondering how you will survive
and how long you can keep pretending
that everything is fine
when absolutely nothing feels "fine" anymore.

  I created this Holiday Support Program
to let you know that you are not alone.  
You are not the only one
thinking what you are thinking
and feeling what you are feeling.

I created this Holiday Support Program to teach you
to do the Holidays.

Over the last few years
many, many people just like you
have found hope
and moments of peace
and friendship
and even love
by joining with other kindred souls
and wa
lking arm-in-arm
through the Holidays.  
We will do this together.

I hope you will join us.

Spend 22 Days
Consciously Choosing
to Lean Into Life
and Healing

this 2020 Holiday Season.

We begin Monday, December 14, 2020 
and accompany each other through Monday, January 4, 2021.
We will be together for 22 days.
You don't have to be alone this holiday season.
And we all know,
when you're learning to live with the death of someone you love,
you can feel VERY alone:

     * right in the middle of a family celebration,  
     * or when you're out to dinner with friends,  
     * or at the mall (if they open up in your area)
surrounded by happy shoppers, 
festive decorations,
and holiday music.

It's easy to feel all alone when you're in a crowd of people
people who don't really understand what you're going through.
You can do the holidays differently this year.  
You can walk day-to-day with a group of kindred spirits
who understand what you're dealing with -
 because they are dealing with similar feelings,
emotions, situations, fears and pain.
we can create moments of peace,
and connection,
and love,
and hope,
and possibility.
Together, we will create
a safe, sacred space
where you can let your guard down and be authentically you.

we can heal.
Join us if this is your first holiday season
without your beloved physically here,
your fifth holiday season,
or your twenty-fifth.
It doesn't matter how long ago your beloved died,
you are welcome to join us
exactly as you are.
Join us on a 22 day journey of consciously living WITH the holidays this year.  
I believe we can do more than just “cope with the holidays” 
or try to “survive the holidays.”
I believe we can actually learn to live WITH the holidays.
That’s the intention I’ve set for this program.
Join me and a group of kindred spirits
if that's what you want to try and create for yourself
this Holiday Season too.
As I'm sure you realize Living WITH the Holidays won’t just happen.  
It will require a plan. 
It will require intention, vision, focused action
and a daily commitment to being present with “what is.”  
We can do this 
together as a community.
A tribe.

We can do this together in a safe, sacred space.

Let's "hold hands and take care of each other" this holiday season.  
That's why I created this program.

I will offer you one concrete step to take
one thing to do
every day
with the intention of creating a more meaningful holiday


1.  An OPENING LIVE Kick-off Zoom Gathering at 7:30pm central time on Monday, December 14th.  That's 8:30pm eastern time, 6:30pm mountain time and 5:30pm pacific time. In the event you are not able to join us LIVE, this Zoom Gathering will be recorded and you may watch the recording at your convenience.  If you've never used Zoom before, no worries.  It's easy and it's free to use. 

2.  I have carefully created a 40+ page Companion e-book* (in PDF format) to offer you daily support.  This e-book contains 22 “offerings” for you, presented one each day for the duration of the program.  Each offering gives us all something to focus on throughout the day with the intention of LIVING WITH the Holidays.

3.  Every program participant will have access to our Closed, Private Facebook Group page where all program participants will be able to confidentially share with each other on a daily basis.  Monday-Friday I will share a short LIVE videos on this page focused on the daily offering shared in the Companion e-book.  This safe, sacred space is where we build community, support each other and develop new friendships.  This space helps us each feel not so alone.  This is the place where we grow our tribe.

Unlike my public Facebook pages, this page is PRIVATE.  No one will even know it exists except you and the other program participants.  This will be a safe, sacred space where you can share honestly and openly.  In years past, participants have welcomed the opportunity to be completely honest here, without censuring themselves for fear of who may be reading their words.  Again, this page is a safe, sacred, healing, private space that we create together.

4.  I strongly encourage each program participant to purchase and read my book Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief prior to December 14th, the day the program begins.  If that's not possible, I hope you'll read it during our time together.  It's not a difficult read.  Most folks finish reading it the first time in 1-2 hours.  Then they slowly read it over and over.  You can order it at any local bookstore or through amazon.  Click:  Tom's book.

5.  Two Live Check-In Zoom Gatherings; one on Monday evening, December 21st at 7:30pm central time and the other on Monday, December 28th, 2020 at 7:30pm central. Both these Check-In Zoom Gatherings will be recorded in the event you are unable to participate live.  You can view the recording at your convenience.

6.  Our CLOSING Live Zoom Gathering on Monday, January 4, 2021 at 7:30pm central time.  That's 8:30pm eastern time, 6:30pm mountain time and 5:30pm Pacific time. This Final CLOSING Zoom Gathering will be recorded in the event you are unable to participate live. You can view the recoding at your convenience.

7.  The Private, Closed Facebook Group page will remain open once the program officially ends on January 4, 2021. You and the other program participants - our tribe members - may continue to check in with each throughout 2021 and beyond.

The all-inclusive price
for the
22 Day Program is
 + $19.99*
= $318.99

*MORE ABOUT THE E-BOOK:  You might decide to print this booklet and keep a hard copy version on your nightstand.  Or if you’re accustomed to doing much of your reading on your laptop or computer just save this booklet to your desktop.  Or do both.  To maximize the experience, you’ll want to have easy access to this tool.  Certain days, you may refer to it over and over.
It might be wise to establish a time each day when you will read the day’s offering.  You might do this right after you wake up.  Or at lunch.  You will know the time that is best for you.  Establishing a routine will ensure that you don’t skip a day.
If you have any questions about the program, email me at

Past participants said:

"I'm so glad I decided to participate.  Having a loving group of people to check in with every day made the holidays more than bearable.  There were actually moments I enjoyed.  I also made some life-long friends."

"Thank you.  The other people in the program seemed to understand where I was coming from and what I was feeling without me having to say much.  I did feel like my hand was being held.  And I was holding the hands of every one else."

"It was a great program and a good experience. I have gone through the death of both of my parents and close friends over the years and am so pleased to know there is a NEW way to live with grief. Hope and gratitude are amazing feelings to accept along with grief. Thank you for the work you do Tom."

"It was a wonderful program. I learned from my fellow students as well as from Tom. Thank you."

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Living WITH the Holidays 2020
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