Discover the Power of Ancient Healing Traditions with Rick and Beth Olsen

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Sun, August 26, 2018

10:00 AM – 8:30 PM CDT


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“Consciously choosing to expand our understanding of death helps us heal. When we view ‘death’ as a transition instead of as a loss a miracle occurs. A shift in perception. Ours.

Honoring the truth that every human being will make this transition helps us understand that we are each on a path of many lifetimes. Our purpose is to expand our ability to love. With each breath we take we are consciously or subconsciously creating our experiences and deciding who we will become. It’s time to create consciously. Together.

We have suffered enough.”

I am honored to invite you to spend a transformational, educational, healing day with my friends Rick and Beth Olsen as they help us shift our view, understanding and perception of death through the telling of their own fascinating story. There will also be opportunities for participants to share parts of your own stories as we learn that we have much more in common than at first we might suspect.

We will learn about the energy body. We’ll discover how the traumas of our past effect our own energy body and the effect trauma has on our soul’s journey.

We will gain a greater understanding of ways to commune directly with Spirit and our loved ones. Rick will lead us on three separate shamanic journeys.

One Journey to the lower world to meet our power animal.

The Second Journey to the upper world to meet our spirit guide and possibly our loved ones.

Our Third Journey will be a powerful group experience offering healing for all.

There will be time for group discussion after each journey as well as discussion in smaller groups.

At dusk, folowing dinner and fellowship we will experience the power of a Fire Ceremony.

If you are ready to say yes to creating your Optimal Life join us for this transformational, educational, one-of-a-kind and love-filled day.

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Dance Between Two Worlds Tour

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Los Angeles, September 22nd, 2018, at The Olympic Collection

San Francisco, September 24th 2018, location to be announced

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